Pick Your Dream Bathroom

Pick Your Dream Bathroom

Every room in your house should have one single feature that serves as a main focal point. There should not be an exception in your bathroom either. But with certain rooms, it is obvious what should be the focal point. For example, a living room might be focused around a fireplace or entertainment center. A kitchen is focused around an island or seating area. A bedroom usually has the head of the bed serve as a focal point. But in the bathroom, there are many different options to chose from. Let's take a look at all the different options when it comes to choosing a feature piece for your bathroom. 

Vanity: The vanity is usually the focal point that is chosen for a bathroom. This is done by having either a custom vanity built or by using a great accent piece, like a mirror or overhead light fixture. The vanity should create an area that the eye is instantly drawn to in order to be considered a focal point. 

Shower And Bath: For some, the shower and bathtub are the main features in their room. This is usually where they spend a majority of their budget and are very proud of the amenities that they had installed in their bathroom. This could be a truly custom shower or a unique bathtub made of a rare material. Either way, you won't be able to ignore this feature. 

Artwork: The easiest and sometimes most affordable way to add a focal point to your bathroom is to add a unique piece of art. This can even be a piece of artwork that you've completed yourself. Whether it's bought or made, artwork like this should be large and command control of the room. 

Light Fixture: In order for a light fixture to be a focal point of your bathroom, it needs to be unique and one of a kind. A chandelier would be an example of a light fixture focal point. It can be hard to draw the eye up when immediately entering a room but with the proper setup, a light can definitely be the main source of visual appeal in your bathroom. 

Walls: Sometimes, the most detailed part of your bathroom is the wall. This could be an accent wall or all of them. Sometimes the tile work is so detailed that guests will find themselves inspecting it. It could be the quality of the material as well. If your walls are the main focal point in your bathroom, don't cover them with too many accessories. Let them shine. 

Here are some bathroom examples to get your mind going over the idea of choosing a focal point for your bathroom design. 


Large Mirror: The oversized mirror on the far wall of this bathroom serves as its main focal point. It is accented by detailed tile work and brings the entire design of the bathroom together. 


Vanity: A unique vanity like this can definitely serve as a main focal point in your bathroom. Notice all of the detail and high end finishes that it includes. The mirror above helps to create an entire focal point space that can't be ignored. 


Artistic Focal Point: The large stone backdrop serves as a large piece of art in this bathroom. It is the first thing that you see, even though it's not the first item in your line of view. That's the key to developing a strong focal point. Your eyes are automatically drawn to it. 


Natural Focal Points: This bathroom allows its exposed beams to be its main focal point. Your eyes move in a circle, between the beams on the ceiling, the large support beam against the wall, and then to the wooden floors which draw your eyes back up to the ceiling again. It's a great balance of materials that keep everything proportional in the room. 


One Stunning Piece: If your bathroom is minimal, a single stunning attribute is all you need to create a focal point. This example shows a deep, pure glass sink that almost works as art. It's truly a unique piece that certainly won't be found in many bathrooms. When choosing one stunning piece as your focal point, it needs to be incredibly unique. 


Let The Outside Be Your Focal Point: This isn't an option for many bathrooms but if you have a killer view, don't waste it. Make the materials in your bathroom just as beautiful and allow the view to be appreciated for all that it's worth. 

A focal point helps to draw the eye to the most attractive part of the room and then allowing it to explore everything else. If you find that you don't focus on one area in your bathroom right away, you might need to take a look to see what area of your bathroom you can make the star.